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I’m so happy that I found this. It’s what I look forward to every day. I can’t wait to grow with the classes — you are amazing!
— Denise Dietz
Rosetta Magdalen is an amazing teacher. She is inspired and inspiring. The assistant instructors and more senior dancers are wonderful. I have been with Flamenco Chicago for about 3 years and I have performed in several showcases (recitals). As one of the older students, I find classes to be challenging yet so beneficial, eliciting my creativity and expression while improving my flexibility, balance, posture and confidence. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming; the music and other students are invigorating and encouraging. My only lament is that I should have started this years ago. My pledge is to continue and to hopefully improve! Thank you Rosetta and Flamenco Chicago.
— Sydney Iglitzen
You are such a terrific teacher. You always find a way to improve my skills. Thank you very much for the fun classes, and your patience. Thank you for everything.
— Jill Chaiear
Rosetta Magdalen and the dancers of Flamenco Chicago are such an inspiration to me. I remember being so intimidated when I first saw them and they could have remained so if not for their warm hospitality. Each gives and nurtures the less experienced dancers in an environment that is both friendly and non-judgmental. The dancing is fierce, the camaraderie sincere and the journey amazing. Thank you to those who share it with me.
— Cristina Serrato
Everybody enjoyed the [student] show, and marveled at everything about it!! A couple of people told me how great a teacher you must be. Of course I had to agree. Thanks again for sharing your great talent with us.
— Ivette Monroy
Thank you very much for everything you have taught me so far, dancing has changed a lot of things for me in my life. I appreciate your energy, generosity, and good will.
— Robin D'Averso
I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your class because of your patience and teaching technique. This shows me that you really enjoy what you do in making your students feel comfortable.
— Mercy Bravo

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