Flamenco Chicago

Discover your own power and beauty, and find your own expression.

Thank you! And Here's How to Get Your Free Class:

  1. Take a look at our class schedule page to see your options.  If you're a first-time beginner to flamenco (even if you have previous experience in another form of dance), we recommend taking your free class in our Fundamentals 1 level. If that absolutely won't work for you, second-best option is Fundamentals 2 (if one is currently on the schedule). 
  2. Print out the coupon below and bring it with you when you come to class.
  3. If you are attending Fundamentals 1 or Fundamentals 2, no special attire or footwear is necessary.
  4. Saturday, Oct. 14, is your last day to use this coupon.
  5. Free on-street parking is available on Belmont Ave. and on surrounding neighborhood streets. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early for your class as the studio may not yet be open or another class may be in progress.