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Flamenco Chicago Unlimited Class Pass

If you're interested in moving beyond recreational interest in flamenco to a higher level of skill and depth as a dancer . . .

Our Unlimited Class Pass allows you access to any and all weekly group classes during the 6-week class session for which you purchase the pass.  (It does not include rehearsal classes or special events, which must be paid for separately.)  No physical class card will be issued.  Instead, you'll be added to our class roster as an Unlimited Pass holder.

Please continue to read carefully for all details before you purchase the Unlimited Class Pass. 

In the fields above the Buy Now button, you must indicate the two weekly classes that you will regularly attend, based on your appropriate class level.  (If you're planning to regularly attend a third class, please add the name of that class in one of the fields.) 

It's important that you are regularly attending at least two specific class days and times so that you are thoroughly learning the class content at those levels.  (In other words, the Unlimited Pass arrangement is not for you if you cannot commit to class attendance on a regular schedule.)

In addition to the two (or more) classes that you will attend each week, you may drop in, at your convenience, to any other classes on the schedule, simply doing your best to follow along with the class content.  (For example, if you're attending a class that's a higher level than your own, we will not be able to slow down class content for you, and will not be able to interrupt the class to answer questions or to catch you up.)

Successful participation in the Unlimited Class Pass arrangement (meaning that you not only purchase the pass, but attend regularly your chosen weekly classes) is the first step to being considered for our Aspirational Track, which includes the opportunity to participate in rehearsal classes for Compania Flamenco Chicago (our pre-professional student performing group) and consideration to participate in our Teacher Training Program.

For those who are not interested in performing or teaching, the Unlimited Class Pass is still an incredibly affordable way to attend two or more flamenco classes each week, and we welcome you -- whatever your interests -- to take advantage of it.

Click the button below to enroll, and please don't forget to indicate in the comments field, before check out, the two classes per week in which you will be a regularly attending student.  Check our schedule page to see your options.  The unlimited pass is not for you if you can't commit to regular attendance in at least two weekly classes on our schedule.

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