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Fundamentals 1 Bonuses

Welcome to your bonuses for early-enrollment in Flamenco Chicago Fundamentals 1 class.

Below, you’ll find:

  • A preview video of some of what you’ll learn in your first 6 weeks of flamenco class.

  • A second video that demonstrates additional skills and heelwork that you’ll be learning.

  • Music track for the choreography/combination we’re working on in class.

  • A Flamenco Chicago Spotify playlist with specially selected music for flamenco beginners.

Fundamentals 1 Preview Video

Want to skip to the marking steps and heelwork? Fast-forward to 2:22.
Want to see the entire combination as we’ll have it at the end of week 6? Fast-forward to 6:19.
Looking for a reminder of what to wear to your first class? You’ll find it at 7:29.

Fundamentals 1 Skills Breakdown

The video above demonstrates additional skills you’ll be learning in Fundamentals 1, and breaks down steps on the heelwork handout you’ll receive in week 2.

Music Track for Fundamentals 1 Choreography

Flamenco Chicago Spotify Playlist for Beginners

Click the image below for a Spotify flamenco playlist we created for beginners: