Flamenco Chicago

Discover your own power and beauty, and find your own expression.

Free flamenco dance class through Nov. 3. RSVP to try or observe!

Through Nov. 3, take a free trial class to try before you buy.

All of our classes enroll for a full 6-week session (no drop-in pay-as-you-go). So, we love to offer you the opportunity to schedule a time to try a class free before you decide to enroll.

Just fill in the form below with the class level and date you'll be attending. (There is very limited space in some classes, so once you claim your space, we're relying on you to definitely attend because once a date is fully booked, we'll be turning away others.)

If you are attending a class that is higher than your current level of flamenco experience, please follow along with as much as you can, and you're welcome to be seated and observe the rest of the class, if the combinations or skills get a little beyond you.  You'll still get a good feeling for our Flamenco Chicago teaching syllabus and our studio!

If you're attending our class for complete beginners, Fundamentals 1, no special attire is necessary, just come as you are. If you don't happen to have a pair of low-heeled, hard-soled shoes in your closet, athletic shoes are a safe and good choice for the trial class.

Studio location is 2914 W. Belmont Ave. in Chicago, and free on-street parking is available on neighborhood streets near the studio.

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If the class you prefer is now completely full, you can still select it in order to be on the waitlist in case someone cancels her RSVP.