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June 2018 Studio Highlights

Lots of new initiatives and programs are in progress at Flamenco Chicago this month.  As you scroll down, check out our new program for school teachers, news of our July 21 summer studio showcase, flamenco bachelorette events . . . and there are t-shirts!

Not on Our Elist Yet?  You're Missing Out!

If you're not yet on our elist, you're missing out on early-enrollment discounts and other special events and goodies available by invitation to our list members only.  Get in on it by signing up here.

Save the date for our studio summer showcase!

If you're interested in our studio and want to see our students in action, please make it a priority to come support our dancers at 8pm on Saturday, July 21 at Hairpin Arts Center, 2810 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Save the date, and tickets will go on sale the first week of July.  Our dancers are looking forward to your interest, love, and support!

Here's a short video clip of some of our dancers in rehearsal -- with five weeks of rehearsal to go -- so we look forward to presenting an amazing show on July 21.

Flamenco Bachelorette Events

Know someone who's getting married soon (and wants something different for her bachelorette party)?

We may have just the thing.  If the bridal party wants to try something different than the usual pole dancing start to their night out, they might want to consider one of our flamenco bachelorette packages.

Depending on the package they choose, they may even come away with a choreography they can use as a reception wedding party dance.  Find out more about our bachelorette packages here.

School Teachers:  Learn to Teach a Unit on Flamenco (Including Dance) to Your Students This Fall

If you're a Spanish teacher or bilingual teacher, and would like to offer a unit on flamenco dance as part of your class' study of Spain, Flamenco Chicago offers a prepaid package of four one-hour private lessons with artistic director Rosetta Magdalen at just $300.  We are finding that, many times, schools will pay for or reimburse you for this expense.

This set of four private lessons trains you to teach some basic flamenco dance movement to your classes, and even includes all of the history, cultural background, and class content you'll need, based on the age group you are teaching. 

It's a turnkey package that you'll be able to use over and over again, year after year.

If you happen to love dance, even if you've never studied any form of dance before, Flamenco Chicago offers a proven method by which you can share flamenco with your students.  Click here for details.

by request of our students, t-shirts, hoodies, and other fc swag:

Check out our Spreadshirt t-shirt shop here.  It's entirely administered by Spreadshirt (not us), and their customer service is legendary.  Take a look, if you're interested in some tasteful Flamenco Chicago swag.  Here's the link.

Get Your Free Spotify Flamenco Playlist

As you listen to this special 12-song flamenco playlist, created for beginners by Flamenco Chicago director Rosetta Magdalen, the sounds will start to become a part of you.  When you're ready to take your first flamenco class, your heart will already be in the stream of flamenco expression. (When you click the YES button, you'll receive instant access.)

Total Beginner Flamenco New Student Offer

New Students Only:
6-week/6-class Flamenco Fundamentals 1
Thursdays 6:15-7:15pm starting June 28
Just $54 (50% discount over regular price of $108)

Flamenco Fundamentals 1 is our introductory class for absolute flamenco beginners (whether or not you have previous experience in another form of dance). 

You'll learn the intriguing and beautiful use of hands, arms, and upper body as well as fun and rhythmic sounds of the feet.  

It's a chance to truly find out if flamenco is something you love and want to pursue.

And, if you've never taken classes at Flamenco Chicago before, we're offering an amazing 50% discount.

That's just $54, rather than full price of $108 for the 6-week, 6-class session.  

  • No special attire is required for this class.  Just wear comfortable clothes in which you have freedom of movement, and wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes (even athletic shoes are acceptable).
  • Our studio is located at 2914 W. Belmont Ave. in Chicago.  Easy, free parking is available on Belmont Avenue and surrounding neighborhood streets.  
  • Class starts Thursday, June 28 from 6:15-7:15pm and studio opens 15 minutes before class begins.
  • Missed classes may be made up in a class level close to your own, and must be taken within the 6-week session for which you enroll.  
  • Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable to another session, so please be sure that your schedule allows you to attend. 

As soon as this class is full to capacity, this offer goes away, so don't miss it.

Questions about anything?  Contact us here.

Flamenco Chicago Unlimited Class Pass

If you're interested in moving beyond recreational interest in flamenco to a higher level of skill and depth as a dancer . . .

Our Unlimited Class Pass allows you access to any and all weekly group classes during the 6-week class session for which you purchase the pass.  (It does not include rehearsal classes or special events, which must be paid for separately.)  No physical class card will be issued.  Instead, you'll be added to our class roster as an Unlimited Pass holder.

Please continue to read carefully for all details before you purchase the Unlimited Class Pass. 

In the fields above the Buy Now button, you must indicate the two weekly classes that you will regularly attend, based on your appropriate class level.  (If you're planning to regularly attend a third class, please add the name of that class in one of the fields.) 

It's important that you are regularly attending at least two specific class days and times so that you are thoroughly learning the class content at those levels.  (In other words, the Unlimited Pass arrangement is not for you if you cannot commit to class attendance on a regular schedule.)

In addition to the two (or more) classes that you will attend each week, you may drop in, at your convenience, to any other classes on the schedule, simply doing your best to follow along with the class content.  (For example, if you're attending a class that's a higher level than your own, we will not be able to slow down class content for you, and will not be able to interrupt the class to answer questions or to catch you up.)

Successful participation in the Unlimited Class Pass arrangement (meaning that you not only purchase the pass, but attend regularly your chosen weekly classes) is the first step to being considered for our Aspirational Track, which includes the opportunity to participate in rehearsal classes for Compania Flamenco Chicago (our pre-professional student performing group) and consideration to participate in our Teacher Training Program.

For those who are not interested in performing or teaching, the Unlimited Class Pass is still an incredibly affordable way to attend two or more flamenco classes each week, and we welcome you -- whatever your interests -- to take advantage of it.

Click the button below to enroll, and please don't forget to indicate in the comments field, before check out, the two classes per week in which you will be a regularly attending student.  Check our schedule page to see your options.  The unlimited pass is not for you if you can't commit to regular attendance in at least two weekly classes on our schedule.

Regular class #1:
Regular class #2: