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Former Students:  30%-Off Tuition Flash Sale


For our April 4-May 13 session only, we're offering a very rare special offer to our former students.  Read on for details:

Because we would love to welcome you back, we thought up a special offer for you: 30% off of regular pricing for one class per week, bringing your investment to just $75 for our April/May 6-week session (rather than full price of $108).

Interested?  Click through to our class schedule page for the names and descriptions of all class levels starting this week.  Decide on the class you wish to enroll for and come back to this page to check out.

Fill in the name of the class level you're enrolling for, click the Buy Now button, check out, and you're set.  The discount is already applied.  All classes listed on the schedule are definitely running, so there's no chance of class cancellation.

Please note that we will not be making a special offer of this kind again for at least six months (if ever). 

Do consider joining us!  You must enroll no later than Saturday, April 8 in order to get the discount.

Class you'll be attending: