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Flamenco Chicago Classes & Events

How our scheduling works:

Our regular weekly classes usually run in 6-week, 6-class sessions at $108/session prepaid online in advance.  Students must enroll by the start date of each class, and, if you're on our elist, we'll be letting you know about special discounts and offers available only to persons on our list (such as an early-enrollment discount for Fundamentals 1, our class for first-time flamenco beginners; occasional opportunities to join a class in progress after the start date if we have room; and invitations to special events).

Students are required to enroll for each full 6-week session in advance.  There is no "pay as you go" option at our studio.  If you are an experienced flamenco dance student who would like to try a class before enrolling or order to find the best class level for you, please do this in advance of a new session beginning.  Drop-in classes for the purpose of trying out a class level are $24 per hour, cash only, and are not available for first-time flamenco beginners.

If you have to miss a class during a session, you are allowed to make up a missed class in the closest class level to your own, but makeups must be taken within the same 6-week session for which you enrolled. If you know that you’ll miss a class at the end of a session, you are encouraged to take your makeup in advance, earlier in the session.

Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable to another session, so please be sure that you are able to attend the classes you enroll for.

(Children ages 8 and up are welcomed in our adult classes, with parental supervision. We are not offering dedicated children's classes at this time, and find that older children do better in our leveled adult program rather than in a multi-age kids' class.)

Classes tend to rise up through proficiency levels at the same day and time, so, for example, the time slot that is currently Fundamentals 1 will become a Fundamentals 2 the next session, and a Basic 1 level the session after that, and will typically remain at Basic 1 level for a few sessions before being promoted to Basic 2.  If we required our students to change the day and time of their classes every time they moved up a level, we would lose most of our students due to schedule conflicts, so this is the reason we do things the way we do.  Our system also allows friendships and community to form as students are learning together, in the same group, for years at a time.

For students who are between levels, and would like to catch up with the skills taught in a class level slightly higher than their own, private lessons are always available, at a cost of $70-$90 per hour, depending on the teacher.  Students who are focused and have some natural ability for dance can learn the equivalent of 6 weeks of class material in just one private lesson hour.

Dates for our next two sessions are:

  • Spring I: April 1 through May 11

  • Spring II: May 13 through June 22





Spring I Class Descriptions & Enrollment Links

Fundamentals 1
Tuesdays 6:15-7:15pm  (April 2-May 7).   This is our introductory class for absolute flamenco beginners (whether or not you have previous experience in another form of dance). Learn the intriguing and beautiful use of hands, arms, and upper body as well as fun and rhythmic sounds of the feet. Click here for more information and to enroll.

Total Beginner 90-Minute Workshop
Saturday 12noon-1:30pm  (April 6 only).  Don’t want to commit to a 6-week class session? This 90-minute, one-time workshop lets you give flamenco a try (plus there’s wine). We anticipate this will fill fast, so don’t delay, if you’d like to get in on it. (Want to do both our Tuesday 6-week class and this workshop? Perfect. Different material will be taught in the workshop (which is more of a casual, fun experience) than in our 6-week class (which is geared more for serious beginners). Click here for more information on the workshop and to enroll.

Basic 3 Technique
Thursdays 7:15-8:15pm (April 4-May 9).  Flamenco technique class geared toward students who have a minimum of one year of previous flamenco study. Click here for more information and to enroll.

Basic 3/Intermediate Choreography
Saturdays 11am-12noon (April 6-May 11).  Flamenco technique/choreography class geared toward students who have a minimum of three years of previous flamenco study taking a minimum of one class per week (and with many of the students attending several classes per week). We are working on choreography por zapateado. Click here for more information and to enroll.

Continuing Castanets
Thursdays 8:15-9:15pm (April 4-May 9).   This is the third 6-week session of our introductory castanet class for students at the Basic 3 level. Click here for more information.

Intermediate/Advanced Technique
Tuesdays 7:15-8:15pm (April 2-May 7).  Flamenco technique class geared toward students with 3 or more years of previous flamenco dance study. This class focuses on intermediate/advanced-level flamenco technique: palmas, braceo, vueltas, and taconeo -- with an emphasis on physical conditioning, timed drills, and increasing students’ strength and endurance. Be ready to sweat! This class is recommended only for those without chronic joint or health problems and who have a level of fitness that can handle the intensity. Click here for more information and to enroll.

Performance Company Prep Class/Repertoire
Wednesdays 6:15-7:15pm (April 3-May 8).  We are not currently accepting new students into this class, and will possibly be inviting new apprentices from among our students in late summer 2019. Click here for more information.

Rosetta Magdalen is an amazing teacher. She is inspired and inspiring. The assistant instructors and more senior dancers are wonderful. I have been with Flamenco Chicago for about 3 years and I have performed in several showcases (recitals). The atmosphere is warm and welcoming; the music and other students are invigorating and encouraging. My only lament is that I should have started this years ago. Thank you Rosetta and Flamenco Chicago.
— Sydney Iglitzen

The calendar below lists only the start date for each class.  You can click any listing to be taken to a description and enrollment link: