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Sevillanas Refresher Workshop: Circle & Square

Please read the following description carefully, so you can judge whether this workshop is right for you.

Going in to this workshop, you must solidly know all four coplas of sevillanas, and you must also be comfortable with the concept of spotting in turns (vueltas).

This 90-minute workshop is for the express purpose of teaching and drilling all four coplas of sevillanas danced in a circle and danced in groups of four in a square.  

It will be 90 minutes of solid dancing -- minimal talking and discussion, and maximum repetition -- spending approximately 30 minutes in teaching and dancing sevillanas in a circle, and approximately 60 minutes in teaching and dancing sevillanas in the square formation (changing partners during the pasadas).  If you don't feel that you have the stamina to dance for this length of time, or do not care to sweat a little bit, this would not be the right experience for you : )

Advance enrollment is absolutely necessary, and this workshop is NOT covered by our unlimited class pass (as it's a special workshop and not part of our regular weekly class schedule).  However, if you are a current unlimited class pass student, you receive a $5 discount, so please use the drop-down menu to make that selection when you enroll.

Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable to another class or another session, so please do be sure you are able to attend before you enroll.

Choose discount only if you're an unlimited pass holder: