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Flamenco + The Sexy Introvert (for women only)

The return of our single most popular event of 2016. If you missed it back in May, when this event debuted, here's a second chance to attend.

What's sexy about introverts? And what does flamenco have to do with it?

We're not talking about sexiness from a male perspective. One of the beautiful and powerful things about the flamenco way of life is that it's none of our business what anyone else thinks of us. 

Our only concern, when moving our bodies is that we express our emotions in the most honest and true manner possible.

This includes self-discovery about who you really are. This involves developing the willingness to be seen in all of your feminine beauty, power, and sexuality. 

Mark your calendar to join us and learn more about how introverts can find a powerful means of self-expression through flamenco and dare to be visible in a way you may always have wanted to be. 

The art of flamenco builds your energy, never draining it. There'll be a very interesting presentation on the topic of flamenco as the dance form of choice for the introvert, and you'll also have the chance to try out a beginning flamenco class during the event.

As part of our quarterly try-me series, this event is priced at just $15 (including wine), but space is limited to only 12 flamenco-curious attendees.

Not an introvert? You're welcome to attend, too. This is a wonderful introduction to flamenco dance, and will help you learn whether you may want to enroll for classes at Flamenco Chicago.

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Later Event: August 24
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