Flamenco Chicago

Discover your own power and beauty, and find your own expression.

10 Things Flamenco Class Can Do   for You Starting Now

1. Flamenco helped me feel powerful again. When I started, I was coming out of one of the most difficult times of my life, and I was feeling small and weak. Flamenco let me see my own power again, and gave me physical ways to express that power. -- Denise Poljacik

2. Awareness of my space and claiming it as my own(physically and mentally and spiritually) in this crazy world where it's so easy to let others step on me and make me feel less than. Flamenco for me is empowerment, pure joy and letting go of fear. -- Mikey De La Serna

3. Pretty much everything else I do is very solitary, and I love having a place where I feel like part of a group and can spend time with such a lovely, supportive bunch of people while learning something new and fun at the same time! -- Jessica Crockett

4. Flamenco is unapologetically beautiful. It forces you to gather everything that you didn't know was inside of you and throw it out on the floor. It's a total sensory experience; the sound, the emotion, color, energy. It leaves you asking what the hell just happened. It's like the best one night stand you've ever had. -- Nicole Cison

5. Flamenco is the cure of a grieving soul, the platform of happy spirit, the way to express joy and sadness. It is a mixture of being a bullfighter and a ballerina at the same time. It grants you strength, energy and balance. Building a relationship with it might take time just like the slowly ascending sound of guitar within, but once you let it into your life, it will stay there forever. Flamenco is beauty, passion and art. -- Youlia Rihani

6. Flamenco is an intriguing combination of power and yielding; force and release; grounding and flight -- applicable to all aspects of one's daily life. Amazing, that when mentioned as an activity most listeners are awestruck and curious, but very intimidated by flamenco. They become very interested when they hear how accessible it is. And they are amazed and fascinated that it is FUN! Or at least can be with the right teacher! -- Bruce Black

7. In our society, femininity is often perceived as weakness, but flamenco has taught me that traditionally "feminine" traits like grace and sensuality are actually a source of strength. -- Liz Miller

8. Flamenco has helped me to improve my posture and the way I carry myself as a whole. -- Julie Brzozkiewicz

9. Flamenco helps me to be more aware of my body, to be aware of movements in physical reality, and with my self expression thru dance. It is a gift which is affecting all aspect of life. -- Marzanna Rutkowska

10. As an older student who was a dancer earlier in my life, flamenco is not only keeping me young, vibrant, graceful and focused, but helping me with balance and coordination and expression of self. My friends don't quite understand. They ask me if it's fun. And I respond "Yes, it's fun, but more than mere fun, it's challenging and thoughtful, beautiful and spiritual." They still don't get it. But I do! -- Sydney Iglitzen