Flamenco Chicago’s Rosetta Magdalen named Best Business Owner by The Logan Squarist and featured in the inspiring Chicago dancers campaign by Chicago Dance Supply

New class session starts the week of Dec. 1!

Flamenco Chicago creates an atmosphere of community, warmth, and friendliness.  Our studio is a place where any student (whether or not she’s ever before attended a dance class of any kind) can learn the art of flamenco and feel the transformation that happens when her body comes alive.

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For more about our classes, please take a look at this page first.  Then read what some of our students have to say about how and why classes at Flamenco Chicago are a life-changing experience that goes far beyond what you’d expect to receive from a dance class.

Are you an absolute beginner to flamenco?  We’re offering new Flamenco Fundamentals classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Do you have children ages 5 to 10 who love to dance?  Our Flamenco Kids class will be resuming in the new year.  Please join our elist to learn more.

Click here to see all of our winter class offerings, or sign up for our elist to learn more (and receive a discount, when you’re new to our list).

Flamenco Chicago is the city’s most established and welcoming center teaching contemporary flamenco dance to our primarily adult student body.

Whether you are experienced in another form of dance, or have never taken a dance class before, we welcome you with our step-by-step training methodology that allows anyone to learn this beautiful and mysterious dance form. Have you heard others say that flamenco is difficult to learn? Not at Flamenco Chicago.

Studio director Rosetta Magdalen has more than 20 years of experience as a flamenco dancer, teacher, and choreographer, and about her, the Chicago Tribune writes, “beautiful, seductive movement . . . with the coiled power of a tiger ready to pounce”.

Despite the “tiger ready to pounce” description, the hallmark of our system of training is loving attention while helping each student to tap her (or his) own self-expression and excellence. We make the process fun, understandable, life-changing, and requiring very little practice at home — if you follow our guidelines of what to practice and exactly how to do it.

For Fundamentals and Basic 1 students, we ask only a minute or two of practice each day so that flamenco begins to be a part of you. Rosetta has spent two decades refining her system of training to ensure that flamenco can be shared with and available to everyone, regardless of ability or lack of previous dance training.

Flamenco Chicago offers flamenco social opportunities and parties several times a year, and professionally mounted student showcases twice a year, in which all students have the opportunity to participate. We also offer additional performance opportunities in and around Chicago as well as with the professional Flamenco Chicago company.

We hope that you’ll try a class session, and consider becoming part of the Flamenco Chicago family!